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Camloc quick release fasteners : Quarter Turns

The Camloc quick release fasteners can be divided in 3 categories according to their performance strength:

Camloc Quarter Turns list

First of all, Camloc Quick Release Fasteners provide a vibration resistant joining solution for quick and repetitive attachment and removal of panels with minimum effort.

Also, locking and unlocking the turn fastener only requires a quarter turn or a push. Furthermore, turn latches can be locked and unlocked in a matter of seconds - saving time and reducing costs.
Quarter turn locks are vibration resistant - performs well in even the most intensive applications.Ffinally, Camloc 1/4-Turn Quick Release Fasteners are safe and easy to use.
In addition, a comprehensive range of turn lock fasteners styles are available in many sizes.

What is a quarter turn? What are Camloc quick release fasteners?

Because Camloc quarter-turn fasteners are designed to connect quick and easily various confined spaces, these turn latches helps you to save time. These quick release fasteners for panels or quarter turn locks are resistant to vibration, varying from light to very heavy versions. As a result various head shapes and formats are made available for the Camloc quick release fastener range.

The quick turn fasteners usually consist of three parts:
A stud (male)
A washer
A receptacle (female)


Turn latches are easy and quick to operate.
Quick turn fasteners can be operated by hand or with a tool
Quarter turn panel fasteners attracts parts towards each other
Quarter turn bolts can not be lost
Quarter turn actuator are maintenance friendly
Quarter and half turns are vibration resistance

Anemo is the the main Quarter turn fastener supplier for Europe and the UK.

The heavy duty quarter turn series are the strongest turn lock fastener available in the Camloc quick access fasteners product range. Heavy duty quarter turns are commonly used for applications from the heavy industry, automotive, automatisation,... There are 3 different series in the heavy duty quarter range, each offering you distinct properties.

The medium duty quarter turns series have a lower tensile strenght and workload value than the heavy duty series. Medium duty turn and release push turn fasteners are commonly used for aircraft interiors, light machinery and appliances. In total Camloc is able to offer you 7 medium duty quarter turn series.

The light duty quarter turns series are the smallest stud turnlock fastener solutions from Camloc. Light duty quarter turns are commonly used in electrical appliances, switchboards and small machinery. There are 6 light duty quarter turn series.

Camloc Quarter Turns

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