Camloc Tool 2383PT01

camloc tool 2383pt01

Camloc Hand Tool 2383PT01

Camloc tool 2383pt01 swaging hand tool for grommet type 2383F14

Part N° Bushing Angle W Swaging Angle
2383HT01-1AY 60° 30°
2383HT01-2AY 90°  45°

camloc tool 2383pt01

Camloc Hand Tool 2383PT01

Handling instruction of 2383PT01 Swaging Tool :

The machine operated edition of 2383PT01: 

tool                   swaging adaptor  swaging angle     for grommet

2383PT01-1AY  2383MP01-1AY    30°                    GF14

2383PT01-2AY  2383MP01-2AY    45°                    GF14

2383PT02-1AY  2383M902-1AY    90°                    GF15


-Insert stud nut with grommet into properly prepared hole of the panel.
-Engage the threaded rod of the HS-screw to the stud nut and screw it in ,until it stops.


-Preload the Camloc Hand Tool 2383PT01 by screwing the nut hand tight along the MS-screw ( see drawing )in order to fix all components in the correct position for flaring.

For proper alignment preferably clamp the panel with the 140° countersunk surface to a plain surface ,so that the nut and the grommet are pushed into the hole.

 Step 3:

Hold the HS-screw firmly by HS-driver, if necessary pulling the grommet into the hole,and turn nut with a torque limiting wrench for approximately one half rotation until you feel or hear that the torque limiter has reached its pre-set torque.

An adjustable torque limiting wrench must be set to 3,7 to 4,5Nm to apply the correct flaring force of 3000N
These values are valid for all stud diameters and for all flaring angles .

Step 4:

Finally unscrew stud nut from the of Camloc Hand Tool 2383PT01 tool and bring tool back into starting position 


After removing the tool check the proper fit of the grommet inthe panel:

1.The countersunk of the grommet should be flush to the surfqce of the panel 

2.The swaged collar of the grommet should be uniformly bended , without burrs and crack 

3.The grommet should sit tight to the panel without play .

the hand operated version:

tool                   swaging angle  for grommet
2383HT01-1AY    30°                 GF14
2383HT01-2AY    45°                 GF14
2383HT02-1AY    90°                 GF15