2383HT03-3 tool

Livelock 2383HT03-3 tools

To be used for grommet with Backup Mandrel, PU-foam Spring and Anvil Insert

Livelock 2383HT03 tools

The Livelock 2383HT03-3

The 2383HT03-3 tool is to be used to instal the grommet 2383 GF14-##1BP oversized.

The 2383HT03-3 tool is applicated to swag the standard size grommet with 60°.


First put the grommet on the mandrel as shown in the picture below.

2383HT03-01 tool mandrel

2383HT03-3 mandrel

The mandrel is going true the panel.

Secondary, put the foam spring onto the 2383HT03-3 tool, as shown in the picture below:

2383HT03-01 tool

2383HT03-3 tool

Next, insert the mandrel into the 2383HT03-3 tool:

Twist the upper side of the tool until the grommet is swaged.

Spare Part no. Position Description To be used for Grommet
3300-1090 1 Backup Mandrel all 2383HT03 all 2383GF14
3300-1015 2 Pu-foam spring all 2383HT03 all 2383GF14
3300-1084 3 Anvil Insert 2383HT03-1 2383GF14-##BP
3300-1085 3 Anvil Insert 2383HT03-2 2383GF14-##BP
3300-1086 3 Anvil Insert 2383HT03-3 2383GF14-##-1BP
3300-1087 3 Anvil Insert 2383HT03-4 2383GF14-##-1BP
- 4 Base Tool all 2383HT03  all 2383GF14