Camloc Keenserts®


The range of KEENSERTS® installation tools ensure quick, easy and secure installation of each insert. Each tool has notches where the protruding insert kees fit to enable effective winding in of the insert. Once the insert is fully wound in, the tool can be pulled back and turned 45 degrees, so the kees are situated between the notches, and driven down through the threads of the parent material, mechanically locking it into place.

Drilling and tapping can be done without any specialist equipment, just standard drills and taps.


Camloc Keenserts®  are used in alloys, light materials, steel and cast iron to increase the strength of the thread in these materials. They can be used for thread repair, if the defected thread has to be replaced with the same nominal diameter. Keenserts® s are standard available in stainless steel and have 2 or 4 pre-assembled kees according to the dimensions. After installation of the kees into the parent material the assembly is form-closed. No check with a thread gauge according to DIN standard is possible in the area of the kees. Due to these kees Keenserts® s have a positive lock against rotation and vibration. Keenserts® Inserts give high strength joints in low strength materials. Typical applications are transmission housings, electronic equipment and suspension units. Keenserts® s inserts are divided in 3 major families: - Miniature Keenserts® - Lightweight Keenserts® - Heavy duty Keenserts® There are always 2 versions available of a Keenserts® : the standard version or the locking version. Keenserts® are also available in kits. Each kit contains a certain amount of Keenserts® . Each Keenserts® has its own installation tool which are also available at Anemo engineering. It is possible to purchase complete tooling sets, which contain all required tools for installation.  Carbon steel keenserts are no longer manufactured but have been replaced by keyserts a sister company of camloc is making them, advised minimum quantity = 500 pieces (carbon steel C1215 or equivalent ; kees are stainless steel)

camloc keenserts

CAMLOC - Installation Instructions Keenserts®


Drill the old screw thread out with a standard drill. Note: de drill is taller - follow tables for exact dimensions. Chamfer if necessary.
Tap a new screw thread with a standard tap. Follow the tables for exact dimension and depth.
Turn the Keenserts® in the tapped hole to just below the surface of the piece.
Drive the keys through the Keenserts® . Do this by knocking with a hammer on the Keenserts® installation device.


Use a standard drill to remove the insert material between the keys and the internal thread, upon the correct depth (consult the tables).
Deflect keys inward and break off.
Remove the insert with Drill Out E-Z out tool or an equal device.
An identical insert can now be installed in the original hole. No re-work of the hole will be necessary.


Installation keensert camloc automatic pneumatic tool 3352PTC

Part Number
light DutyMedium DutyHeavy Duty