Alternative high-performance quarter-turn closures from the Spanclamps brand.

  • Guaranteed Resilience!
  • High tensile Loads
  • High Shear Power

spanclamps quater turn


Alternative high-performance quarter-turn closures from the Turngrip brand.

  • No need for a receptacle!
  • High Clamping Force
  • High Shear Strength

turngrip quarter turns

Quarter Turns

Camloc distribution

Camloc distribution


Hardware latches


threaded inserts


Panel fasteners


Camloc distribution


spanclamps quater turn

Camloc Quarter Turns

Camloc quarter-turns offer a reliable fastening solution.

quarter turns

Camloc Quarter Turns range of quick release fasteners are engineered true years of innovative engineering skills.
Customers worldwide are using Camloc fastening systems as a creative solution, adequate and authentic, in domains as transportation, military, aerospace, transportation, automotive, agriculture and industries in general.

Camloc Latches

Camloc latches offers an adjustable, high-performance solution for securing equipment parts that must be opened or removed frequently


Camloc provides adjustable draw latches with a Max.
Tensile strength range from 550 N up to 4400 N. helps you to chose the ideal part for securing frequently opened equipments.

Camloc Keenserts®

Camloc Keenserts® give high strength joints in low strength materials. Applications are electronic equipment, transmission housings, and suspension units.


Solid Inserts

KEENSERT® - Produces high capacity threads delivering security in weaker materials.


Augmenting the load capacity in weaker materials.
Special keys lock the Keenserts® into place, excluding rotation and friction.
Easy to apply - no special taps needed and no tangs to remove.
Defect threads can be renewed with same keensert.

Camloc Livelock

Camloc live lock provide a ‘hard seat’ for the fasteners to clamp-up against


General Design Features:

Spring-loaded ratchet design insures positive locking action and vibration resistance without relying on prevailing torque.
Exceptionally high cycle life.
Multiple lead thread permits rapid installation and removal.
Positive stud nut retention and some versions feature hold-out to facilitate curved door handling.
Receptacle offers radial float to accommodate misalignment and some versions can be removed without removing rivets.
Nominal thread size range: .1120-40 through .2500-28. Encapsulated receptacle make Live Lock an excellent candidate for electronic and avionic applications.

Camloc Gassprings

Camloc Gas springs are easy to instal and to use.


Camloc Motion Control
Gas spring & damper solutions.


Safety lifting, positioning, lowering and counterbalancing weights.
Simple mounting, compact size, speed‐controlled damping and cushioned end motion.
The weight range supported can be a few kilos up to half a tonne – or from 50 to 5000 Newtons (2 springs).
Custom design sized to your application.
Available in stainless steel.
No power supply required.